Chakra’s and their sounds

by Allie

This week’s homework was to study and understand the chakras. I literally can’t stop thinking about my friend Laura who got them tattooed down her entire spine without and when I asked what it meant, she told me she liked the way they looked.

I was genuinly curois especially since she said it was related to yoga. Finally, I get to understand the chakra’s to their core. Sound, color and orgins all descripted in depth.

The chakra’s sounds are

  1. Lam -Root – Muladahra
  2. Vam – Belly – Svadhistana
  3. Ram- Solar Plexus- Mamipura
  4. Yam – Heart- Anahata
  5. Ham- Through- Vishuddha
  6. OM – Third Eye- Ajna
  7. None- The crown- Saharasara

This week I have practiced doing alternate nostril breathing then  going through the sounds of the chakra’s whie immagining the colorswe are to embody. I felt grounded, centered and more alert after breathing. I felt wholesome and confident as if I was capable and ready for the day after projecting my om.

The colors it ellicits were hard for me to understand except for the ajna, I always see purple when I look to the center. I think over time, the other colors will begin to develop and something I will aim to achieve through understanding myself more deeply.