My journey of yoga teacher training at the Purusha Yoga School in San Francisco, Ca.

Month: March, 2016

My favorite sutra

Sutra 2.7 & 2.8
Attachment is which follows identification with pleasurable experiences.

Aversion is which follows identification with painful experiences.

Happiness is an inside job.

If we continuously think that pleasure brings happiness and pain only brings  sadness, what would life be like?

In my mind, I think of a disporportional body. We love, love; so our hearts are big. We hate muscle aches so we avoid working out. We like meditating, but we forget to breathe and fall asleep. What do we get? Skin, bones, a big heart, simple mind, resting body with no spirit to continue.

Happiness is an inside job, if you are truly happy you will feel no pain during harmful experiences but go through them with a sense of understanding that it is what it is, and just breathe.

Let’s say for instance, physical activity is the only thing that gives you happiness. One day, your knee snaps and your unable to do any physical activity for 2 months. How do you survive? Your happiness is gone.

No, it’s not, you see this as a lesson to take care of your body and learn from it. Your happiness is inside you and you find other things that make you happy. You learn to take your mind for a run with meditation or a ponder through a nice read.

Your happiness is your choice.

If for instance other things like animals or people give you happiness, look at the qualities in them which make you happy.

Animals don’t live forever, when it dies will you?

If your cat is loyal, carefree and cuddly, exude those characteristics in your life and you yourself will be more happy and they will never die, because it is in you.

Pantanjali says that some people are like deer, forever sniffing around for a scent they love, forgetting its on their forehead right between their eyes.

Happiness is an inside job.

Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is here.
Happiness is now.


My first teaching experience.

My First teaching experience.
This weekend in beautiful Colorado I had the opportunity to show my mother the skills I was learning at Purusha Yoga School. As requested by Joy, I had to teach a subject a 30minute flow. Though my mother was physically unable to participate, she was able to use her 30+ years of teaching knowledge and experience teaching teachers to assist me in my teaching demeanor. In the early evening of Friday, my mother and I were basking in the beautiful high mountain sun. I began to go through my teaching routine where I began with a simple breathing exercise, which my mother was able to do. She then listened and watched as I went through the rest of my flow noticing a number of different things.
Her notes of area of improvement were:
  • Not letting my form fail when verbally instructing during Show-Tell
  • Attempt to not say “now we are going to..”
  • Be more direct with where body should move with unique phrases
  • And most importantly, SLOW DOWN
I feel I am slowly improving on guiding others through a flow, last weekend, I was the lucky pick to guide the group through extended side angle and revolved side angle. I sort of missed the mark on the extension and instead lead the group into intense side stretch. I have a feeling this may be an area of frustration in the future as I continue to learn more and more variations and poses. The best feedback I got from Eric was that I was myself throughout the instruction. Being myself is my most valuable asset, I have SO MUCH ENERGY, I want to share it with my future students subtly, verbally and intently.
Something I have found hard to do is create a 5-minute journey at the end. My father has always said I have had the ability to speak from the heart, I think this is what I will do at the end of my class, take a nice quote from a current read, an instance in my day and reflect from root to crown chakra as a 1-2 minute journey, then allow others to think in silence & reflect on their own. I am not a singer or else I would belt out one of these beautiful chants, but I want to attract students not make their ears bleed.
I am hoping to enlist more willing specimen into my yoga teacher practice as I continue this endeavor. Hopefully my recruitment efforts will be more fruitful next week.

The 60 hour mark

A truly amazing weekend. I know I will hold this experience very close to my heart for a long time. My classmates, teachers and myself are all amazing teachers, I am grateful. I see myself changing, I see my classmates changing and it is awesome. We have this great dynamic flow, every time we all speak we have growth. We are constantly learning from one another and it is wonderful. I’ve never felt more in the perfect place.

Each weekend, I try to change more and more. I see how bossy I can be, I see how I over share, I see how I jump to conclusions. These are things I do not like about myself, I am working to make a conscious effort so I can positively impact my community. I aspire for every word that leaves my mouth to have perfect intent with purposeful compassion. I aspire to not be so reactive, I aspire to listen more keenly, I aspire to speak more slowly.

Purusha school is helping me with this greatly. I am thankful.

The most powerful exercise I felt this weekend was the partner mediation. Staring into someone’s eyes and focusing on them always has a deep affect on me. I was partnered with “Trad” I felt great pain for him. He was able to sit with me, and see me for me. I tried to fix him, I was wrong. I should have told him what I heard. I heard pain, my heart broke, I just wanted to hug the man. I wish I could have told him that I heard his pain and I identified. Instead, I tried to fix, telling him he was essentially wrong. This is not what I am supposed to be doing. I see this now clearly, thanks to Joy.

I need to express myself hearing what people are saying and not fixing others. If I continue with accepting and showing others are heard, I will speak less. I will be more intent with my words. Thank you, Trad for showing me this.

Chakra’s and their sounds

This week’s homework was to study and understand the chakras. I literally can’t stop thinking about my friend Laura who got them tattooed down her entire spine without and when I asked what it meant, she told me she liked the way they looked.

I was genuinly curois especially since she said it was related to yoga. Finally, I get to understand the chakra’s to their core. Sound, color and orgins all descripted in depth.

The chakra’s sounds are

  1. Lam -Root – Muladahra
  2. Vam – Belly – Svadhistana
  3. Ram- Solar Plexus- Mamipura
  4. Yam – Heart- Anahata
  5. Ham- Through- Vishuddha
  6. OM – Third Eye- Ajna
  7. None- The crown- Saharasara

This week I have practiced doing alternate nostril breathing then  going through the sounds of the chakra’s whie immagining the colorswe are to embody. I felt grounded, centered and more alert after breathing. I felt wholesome and confident as if I was capable and ready for the day after projecting my om.

The colors it ellicits were hard for me to understand except for the ajna, I always see purple when I look to the center. I think over time, the other colors will begin to develop and something I will aim to achieve through understanding myself more deeply.