Class practical

by Allie

Sunday was a beautiful day. As a class we learned more in depth about the sutras at Sutro park in San Francisco. As we laid in the sun, Eric gave us insight to a number of different key points about becoming a yoga teacher and personal practice.

unfortunately, I was no able to fully commit to my presence, all I could do was continuously vision what my practice class would be like following lesson.

When the time came, I felt myself begin to rush. I had 2 flows, a warm up and cool down to fit in. My music was not working and the playlist went out-of-order, so I was also DJing. That is okay. I just moved through asana’s very, very quickly.

I wish I had more time but I ended exactly at the 30 minute mark.

Somethings that I took away was too show tell, do, be more often. It was difficult to do this since many of my students were not used to running through at that level but I should have also practiced more on how to instruct movement.

Something, I feel will be difficult for me to moderate over my career is 4-2-1 breathing in poses. So, to learn, I will be counting when I am in the poses with each teacher.