The 60 hour mark

by Allie

A truly amazing weekend. I know I will hold this experience very close to my heart for a long time. My classmates, teachers and myself are all amazing teachers, I am grateful. I see myself changing, I see my classmates changing and it is awesome. We have this great dynamic flow, every time we all speak we have growth. We are constantly learning from one another and it is wonderful. I’ve never felt more in the perfect place.

Each weekend, I try to change more and more. I see how bossy I can be, I see how I over share, I see how I jump to conclusions. These are things I do not like about myself, I am working to make a conscious effort so I can positively impact my community. I aspire for every word that leaves my mouth to have perfect intent with purposeful compassion. I aspire to not be so reactive, I aspire to listen more keenly, I aspire to speak more slowly.

Purusha school is helping me with this greatly. I am thankful.

The most powerful exercise I felt this weekend was the partner mediation. Staring into someone’s eyes and focusing on them always has a deep affect on me. I was partnered with “Trad” I felt great pain for him. He was able to sit with me, and see me for me. I tried to fix him, I was wrong. I should have told him what I heard. I heard pain, my heart broke, I just wanted to hug the man. I wish I could have told him that I heard his pain and I identified. Instead, I tried to fix, telling him he was essentially wrong. This is not what I am supposed to be doing. I see this now clearly, thanks to Joy.

I need to express myself hearing what people are saying and not fixing others. If I continue with accepting and showing others are heard, I will speak less. I will be more intent with my words. Thank you, Trad for showing me this.