Purusha Yoga Teacher Training is not just about teaching. Many choose this path as a means of experiencing and exploring the many facets of Yoga in a deeper and more meaningful way. The Tree of Classic Yoga is vast and beautiful, encompassing a holistic network of branches that invite each student to explore inwardly and discover the world’s truths. These truths have been rediscovered for generations, and within each of us there is a vast knowledge. Every truth we realize in our own hearts will be the only real treasures we have to give others.

Choosing a yoga school is an important step in your personal and professional growth.  We recommend you take some time to carefully consider your needs and desires and find a school that best suits your individual path and journey.

Purusha Yoga is a holistic and integrative school.  All of our programs include the 8 limbs of Raja and Hatha yoga.  We believe that the heart of yoga is in the definition of the word yoga itself: to yoke, to connect, to join.  We invite you to make connections between the philosophy of yoga and your own ideas of the world around you.

We invite you to enjoy weaving your own special skills into your teaching while also giving you a very strong foundation to teach a highly professional and sought after style of yoga.

The meaning of the word Purusha is the “true self”.  Ultimately our teacher training programs are an opportunity to explore, discover and express your truth.  You will learn to listen to your heart and access a wisdom you may have forgotten. You will develop a personal practice along with a level of professionalism that will provide all of the skills and confidence necessary to achieve your goals for teaching a quality, safe, effective, and truly inspiring practice to many people.

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