Staying mindful & healthy during summer holidays

I’ve always had trouble doing this but this year something has changed. Maybe because I am a bit older and wiser or maybe because I just love my body and mind a bit more deeply.

Here are some changes I made so July 5th is not so painful!

  1. Bring a water bottle EVERYWHERE – Staying hydrated ┬áis a key element to ensuring you do not drink or eat too much.
  2. Go the distance – parking is a hassle on the 4th no matter where you go, ditch the car & take a hike! Be sure to wear your cutest and most comfortable shoes :).
  3. Take a deep breath & take a look around. Life is good, if you are at work, great you are working, with family, friends or partying you can do this.
  4. Show gratitude for your freedom to be (even if it feels constricted at times)