Learning about the Chakra’s

by Allie

I feel as if I could learn about the chakra’s for years and years, maybe that is why I am attending school to get a degree in psychology! Chakra is a hindu word for wheel. We have 7 wheels in our body and I have discussed these wheels a few posts back, noting their sound that is associated with each. Chakra’s draw parallels with modern psychology and development so that we can identify potential deficits in ourselves and others and where on the body we can work to aide issues we may be facing.

Though I was only able to attend 10 hours of the 30 hour training I was able to learn a great deal of the 6th and 7th chakra as well as 1-5. Elation of the 7th chakra is usually accessed by chanting mantras, headstands and stillness.

It is important to be grounded when you access these chakras, often times when you are not grounded you can live life in a state of elation. Like bible thumpers who yell at you on the street corner telling you are going to hell, you could be out preaching to the tree if you are not careful. Ensuring that you live each moment in the present and living in bliss during the times that matter is the most important part I learned.

I can see this in my life very clearly. When I was able to access a blissful state, I felt like I could rule the world. I felt untouchable and put my mind into everything. Only after a few weeks I was able to “ground down” again. Now, when I am in a blissful state I am able to understand and channel it, with out feeling so aloof or righteous. I then practice grounding exercise like bod checks or talking to my Mother or Father, I in a sense GO HOME. That is the root chakra in a sense, it is home. When your work situation, your long term relationship, your family members, or place of living are in turmoil, you will experience great pain.

Knowing this and knowing how to breathe, you will be fine.
This is why you learn about the chakras, isn’ that neat?