My favorite sutra

by Allie

Sutra 2.7 & 2.8
Attachment is which follows identification with pleasurable experiences.

Aversion is which follows identification with painful experiences.

Happiness is an inside job.

If we continuously think that pleasure brings happiness and pain only brings  sadness, what would life be like?

In my mind, I think of a disporportional body. We love, love; so our hearts are big. We hate muscle aches so we avoid working out. We like meditating, but we forget to breathe and fall asleep. What do we get? Skin, bones, a big heart, simple mind, resting body with no spirit to continue.

Happiness is an inside job, if you are truly happy you will feel no pain during harmful experiences but go through them with a sense of understanding that it is what it is, and just breathe.

Let’s say for instance, physical activity is the only thing that gives you happiness. One day, your knee snaps and your unable to do any physical activity for 2 months. How do you survive? Your happiness is gone.

No, it’s not, you see this as a lesson to take care of your body and learn from it. Your happiness is inside you and you find other things that make you happy. You learn to take your mind for a run with meditation or a ponder through a nice read.

Your happiness is your choice.

If for instance other things like animals or people give you happiness, look at the qualities in them which make you happy.

Animals don’t live forever, when it dies will you?

If your cat is loyal, carefree and cuddly, exude those characteristics in your life and you yourself will be more happy and they will never die, because it is in you.

Pantanjali says that some people are like deer, forever sniffing around for a scent they love, forgetting its on their forehead right between their eyes.

Happiness is an inside job.

Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is here.
Happiness is now.