My first teaching experience.

by Allie

My First teaching experience.
This weekend in beautiful Colorado I had the opportunity to show my mother the skills I was learning at Purusha Yoga School. As requested by Joy, I had to teach a subject a 30minute flow. Though my mother was physically unable to participate, she was able to use her 30+ years of teaching knowledge and experience teaching teachers to assist me in my teaching demeanor. In the early evening of Friday, my mother and I were basking in the beautiful high mountain sun. I began to go through my teaching routine where I began with a simple breathing exercise, which my mother was able to do. She then listened and watched as I went through the rest of my flow noticing a number of different things.
Her notes of area of improvement were:
  • Not letting my form fail when verbally instructing during Show-Tell
  • Attempt to not say “now we are going to..”
  • Be more direct with where body should move with unique phrases
  • And most importantly, SLOW DOWN
I feel I am slowly improving on guiding others through a flow, last weekend, I was the lucky pick to guide the group through extended side angle and revolved side angle. I sort of missed the mark on the extension and instead lead the group into intense side stretch. I have a feeling this may be an area of frustration in the future as I continue to learn more and more variations and poses. The best feedback I got from Eric was that I was myself throughout the instruction. Being myself is my most valuable asset, I have SO MUCH ENERGY, I want to share it with my future students subtly, verbally and intently.
Something I have found hard to do is create a 5-minute journey at the end. My father has always said I have had the ability to speak from the heart, I think this is what I will do at the end of my class, take a nice quote from a current read, an instance in my day and reflect from root to crown chakra as a 1-2 minute journey, then allow others to think in silence & reflect on their own. I am not a singer or else I would belt out one of these beautiful chants, but I want to attract students not make their ears bleed.
I am hoping to enlist more willing specimen into my yoga teacher practice as I continue this endeavor. Hopefully my recruitment efforts will be more fruitful next week.