My journey of yoga teacher training at the Purusha Yoga School in San Francisco, Ca.

Svadhyaya: Study of great wisdom and self.

by Allie


I just spent the past 2 days practicing the Niyamas or an inward value of Svadyaya. These weekends I am learning are long and every minute I spend at Purusha, I deeply cherish. This weekend we focused on Hatha practice, what Raja yoga is, and the chakra’s.

I am so grateful for this journey & I am hoping to learn to shut my ego down even more and contain my excitement and desire to share. It is a hard thing for me to do. I am a very passionate person but being surrounded by others who are actively working on other things within themselves supports my need to change & I find comfort in that.

This week, I felt like my presence was enough & my excitement still got the best of me. I’ll focus more on this during the week & at work, hopefully, I’ll be stronger next class session.

Saturday night, I had an interesting dream about my pinky finger, it was growing an extended pinky finger, one fell off and the other one grew right along. Much like when a branch sprouts off. I looked up what this meant, it said that having a dream about your pinky meant that you had the ability to speak. I think I am truly developing my authentic voice. I am able to say exactly how I feel, express my needs and desires while holding little misconception. This is something that I have greatly struggled with in the past.

My authentic voice feels comfortable, I am so proud and thankful for what I have learned. I cannot wait to go back for more!


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